Kennedale May 6, 2023 Elections

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Saturday, May 6, 2023 is election day. Kennedale voters will be voting for two contested city council seats and a KISD bond.


Early voting is from Monday, April 24 - Tuesday, May 2.


Our grades for candidates with voting records can be found at:


City Council Filings:

Place 1:    Rockie Gilley,     Chris Evans

Place 3:    Ken Michels

Place 5:    Jeff Nevarez     James Connor


After filings have closed we will be asking city council  and school board candidates several question to see where they stand on some of the issues.




These are the questions that have been sent to the candidates for the city:



1. Past Decisions – please respond by March 2, 2023

Although the city council cannot dwell on past councils' decisions and it must move forward, we would like to know if current council members have learned from past decisions, including those made by previous councils. From somewhat recent history, were each of the following three zoning case items a good decision or a poor decision, and why?

a) “UV” zoning on Kennedale Sublett Road just east of Kennedale Parkway?

b) “MF” zoning on Joplin Road just south of Kennedale Sublett Road?

c) denying “R4” zoning at the old Texas Raceway property (approximately 3830 S. New Hope Road)?


2. Property Taxes – please respond by March 9, 2023

Kennedale is the seventh highest taxing city of the 41 cities in Tarrant County. What are some viable potential solutions to alleviate the tax burden on the citizens? Or is this just something that the citizens of Kennedale must learn to accept? Why?


3. Moratorium – please respond by March 16, 2023

In January the council approved a temporary moratorium of applications for MF or TH zoning. Do you agree with the temporary moratorium? Why or why not?


4. Removing Former City Manager George Campbell – please respond by March 23, 2023

In 2021 the city council removed former city manager George Campbell. Mr. Campbell's contract allowed him to receive the same year's additional salary even if he was removed mid-contract or if his contract was not renewed. Do you agree with the council's action? Why or why not?


5. Communications – please respond by March 30, 2023

If you receive an e-mail from a constituent on a Kennedale issue or problem similar to the top of this webpage [ ], will you respond to the constituent? Why or why not? What actions will you take?


6. Issue – please respond by April 6, 2023

What is the most important issue the city council is currently facing? Why? What are your suggestions for addressing this issue?






We have given every opportunity for you to make your decision on who to vote for in this election. However, some still wish for our analysis. Our analysis follows:





Our Analysis

by Richard Weber, Kennedale Observor, editor


I believe the KISD bond will be the first item on Kennedale's ballot. Do you vote FOR or AGAINST?

You probably need to ask yourself, “Has the school district given a fair, unbiased evaluation to make you believe the $106,105,000 is needed rather than just desired?” [It has been a while since they have asked the voters for a bond.]

No recommendation. You must decide.


To do the analysis on the city elections I have used both the responses to the Kennedale Observer's questions and the Kennedale News' Coffee Chats.


In Place 1 there are two candidates, incumbent Rockie Gilley and challenger Chris Evans. These two candidates are similar in many ways.

Both candidates prefer lower density versus higher density housing. Both candidates believe the current city manager is doing a wonderful job.

We have given the incumbent an “A” grade so far and see no reason to change. It's not broken; therefore, there is no reason to fix it. We recommend Rockie Gilley for Place 1.


In Place 3, incumbent Kenneth Michels is running unopposed.


In Place 5 there are two candidates, incumbent James Connor and challenger Jeff Nevarez. Since Mr. Nevarez did not answer our questions, we had to gain what we believe is his perspective from his coffee chat and numerous social media posts of the past.

I believe one of his “beefs” is the opinion that the moratorium on multi-family structures and townhomes that was adopted in order to gain an opportunity to analyze and shore up the sewer system sends the wrong message to developers. [Actually, it sends the right message to citizens.] Another “beef” concerns the conditions of the parks, which does have some validity.

James Connor believes he has been trying to get help for the parks and hopes the current city council is finally getting there.

We have no good reason to replace the incumbent. He has an “A” grade so far and we see no reason to change. We recommend James Connor for Place 5.







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