April Williams Moore, Candidate for AISD Place 3

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1. Taxpayers' Dollars – please respond by February 29, 2024

Currently the AISD has the highest M&O rate of any ISD in Tarrant County. Staff has started budgeting for the paying of recapture (“Robin Hood”). How fiscally responsible should the board be with taxpayers' dollars and why? How high of a priority should fiscal responsibility be and why? What are your suggestions to be more fiscally responsible?

The State's recapture legislation is often perceived by taxpayers as being a school board’s fiscal responsibility. However, it should be noted that the school board does not have the authority to support or reject this law, and their only option is to lobby against it. 

As responsible stewards of taxpayer funds, the school board must carefully consider how these funds are allocated. Therefore, we must thoroughly review our current agreements and reassess the top-heavy structure of the district's organizational chart. This will allow us to address the challenges faced by certain schools such as the need for more counselors and behavioral therapists and also allow us to maximize the achievement efforts.


2. Transgender – please respond by March 7, 2024

Which locker rooms/restrooms, etc., should transgender students be using? Should there be a District policy? Why or why not?

The district’s commitment to a safe and welcoming space, allows schools to proudly offer alternative facilities for transgender youth without compromising anyone else's comfort level. If circumstances arise where something more structured might benefit everyone involved, I know the district will create a policy at that time.


3. Teachers' Salaries – please respond by March 14, 2024

Is having the highest teachers' salaries in the north Texas area a good thing? Why or why not?

Having competitive salaries is important for teachers, however, it is crucial that we also prioritize our workplace culture. Studies have shown that people leave bad bosses not companies. As a result, it is imperative that we strive to enhance our workplace culture and make accountability a top priority in order to prevent negative experiences. While the principals already have professional development meetings throughout the year, we must also place a strong emphasis on improving the culture. In addition, providing resources for team-building activities before the start of the school year can help foster trust and collaboration among staff members. We must also ensure that our teachers have a voice and feel appreciated. To further promote a positive culture, we can seek assistance from companies like Partners in Leadership or BI Worldwide to improve employee engagement and retention.


4. Student Achievement Goals – please respond by March 21, 2024

The district has performance improvement plans where the goals are for less than 50% of the students meeting or exceeding grade level expectations on the state achievement assessments. Is this acceptable? Why or why not? What are your suggestions regarding student achievement goal plans?

Meeting Achievement goals are twofold. The role of the superintendent is critical when it comes to providing resources for educators so that students may meet academic objectives. Analyzing patterns and adapting instruction is essential to improving our scores across the board.

Parent involvement is also an important  factor. Parents must prioritize their child’s education by sending their children to school ready to learn. This means proper sleep, nutrition and helping with assigned homework. If there is a constraint, notifying the school, and strategically partnering with staff to utilize every resource, from tutoring to Saturday school to ensure their child’s success.


5. Communications – please respond by March 28, 2024

If you receive an e-mail from a constituent on an AISD issue and the constituent logically laid out and well documented the issue, will you respond to the constituent? Why or why not? What actions will you take?

The relationship between the district administration and its school boards is often complex; however, it must be built upon trustworthiness and accountability in order to best serve our communities. The Board has an obligation to not just work with one another but also engage actively with constituents who elected them so they understand issues facing their community. We need to prioritize transparency on the board. I don't appreciate the culture that if you don't ask the right question, you won't receive a straightforward answer. Instead of deflecting and answering only what was asked, we should strive for clarity and understanding.


6. Issues – please respond by April 4, 2024

What is the most important issue the board is currently facing? Why? What are your suggestions for addressing this issue?

Did not respond.