Tim Goss, Candidate for District 1

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1. Protection of Taxpayers' Dollars – please respond by February 29, 2024

How much of a priority should be placed on protecting taxpayers' dollars? If we are granting dollars for “economic development” should the company be vetted? Should an “economic development” grant require an actual application? Why or why not?

Did not respond.


2. Density – please respond by March 7, 2024

a. How do you feel about changing commercially zoned properties to multi-family zoned properties? Why?

b. What if the area already contains many, many apartments such as southeast Arlington in the Hwy 360 corridor?

c. How do you feel about RMU (Regional Mixed Use) zoning and its potential 100 units/acre? Why?

Did not respond.


3. Citizen Participation – please respond by March 14, 2024

In 2023 the city council voted to require preregistration and reduce speaking time for citizen participation (at the end of the meeting). Do you agree with this move? Is two minutes enough time to describe a situation and make desired comments/solutions/etc.?

Regarding the recent decision by the city council to require pre-registration and reduce speaking time for citizen participation, I hold a nuanced perspective. While I understand the rationale behind reducing the time allocated for public comment, I have reservations regarding its effectiveness as the optimal solution. Nevertheless, I recognize the complexities inherent in this decision and appreciate the perspectives of both the council and the mayor.

Having attended numerous city council meetings, I've observed instances where discussions veered off track, becoming platforms for advancing particular partisan or personal agendas rather than effectively addressing city business. Recognizing these occurrences, I emphasize the importance of addressing partisan matters separately from the council's core business. Maintaining a nonpartisan stance is crucial as we collectively strive to provide our constituents with appropriate governance and enhance the quality of life for our residents.

The question persists: is a two-minute time limit adequate for citizens to voice their concerns? This requirement pertains to City matters falling within the authority of the City Council but not listed on the agenda. The brevity of the allotted time might hinder substantive dialogue. The public comment session serves as a vital avenue for citizens to directly communicate grievances to the council, a cornerstone of civic participation that shouldn't face undue constraints. Certainly, there are individuals who might misuse the platform for personal or partisan gain rather than contributing constructively to community discourse. Additionally, there are instances where large numbers of people wish to express similar viewpoints, posing challenges within the time constraints of the council meeting.

Therefore, implementing measures to ensure meetings remain focused on addressing genuine city business is imperative. This may involve enforcing strict guidelines on speaking conduct or adopting mechanisms to prevent disruptive behavior, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the public participation process.

In conclusion, while I acknowledge the challenges faced by the council in managing citizen participation effectively, I urge careful consideration of the potential consequences of imposing stringent limitations on public comment. Balancing the need for orderly proceedings with the imperative of fostering genuine civic engagement is paramount in upholding the principles of governance within our community.


4. Corporate Welfare – please respond by March 21, 2024

The City Council has given away millions of dollars and/or potential revenues to companies to encourage development. At what point has there been enough “encouragement” and when should the taxpayers-- and lowering tax rates-- become a higher priority than development? Why?

Did not respond.


5. Communications – please respond by March 28, 2024

If you receive an e-mail from a constituent on an Arlington issue and the constituent logically laid out and well documented the issue, will you respond to the constituent? Why or why not? What actions will you take?

As your future councilman, I will be deeply committed to representing the interests of our voters and advocating tirelessly on their behalf. It is my duty to ensure that the concerns and voices of our citizens are not only heard but also actively addressed in the decision-making process.

Whether it involves advocating for specific policies that align with the needs and values of our community, addressing pressing community needs, or securing funding for essential services, I am dedicated to working tirelessly to uphold the priorities of those I serve.

I firmly believe that citizen engagement lies at the heart of the democratic process. The input and perspectives of our residents are invaluable assets that help shape the direction of our community's future. By actively involving citizens in discussions, soliciting their feedback, and considering their viewpoints, we can collectively work towards building a stronger, more vibrant community that reflects the aspirations and needs of all its members.

If elected, I am also committed to providing opportunities for meaningful engagement with constituents beyond email correspondence. This may include hosting community forums, conducting surveys, participating in neighborhood gatherings, and actively seeking input on important issues facing our community.


6. Issues – please respond by April 4, 2024

Other than public safety what is the most important issue the city council is currently facing? Why? What are your suggestions for addressing this issue?

After extensive discussions within District 1 spanning several months, it has become apparent that North Arlington has reached its limit for multifamily housing, with residents overwhelmingly opposing further apartment developments. In response to this challenge, several solutions could be considered. Firstly, local government and relevant stakeholders could implement zoning regulations or incentives to encourage the revitalization of existing commercial spaces, promoting the establishment of professional job opportunities, small businesses, and retail and restaurant establishments.

Furthermore, collaborative efforts between local authorities and economic development agencies could be initiated to attract larger businesses to the area, providing competitive salaries for professional career positions. This could involve offering tax incentives, streamlined permitting processes, or tailored support services to incentivize business relocation or expansion in North Arlington.

Additionally, fostering entrepreneurship and supporting local small business growth through access to funding, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities could further enhance the economic landscape of the district. By empowering local entrepreneurs, communities can tap into their creativity and innovation, driving economic growth and creating employment opportunities.

Moreover, strategic partnerships with educational institutions and workforce development programs could be established to bridge the skills gap and ensure a qualified workforce for prospective businesses. By aligning education and training initiatives with the needs of local industries, District 1 can enhance its competitiveness and attractiveness to businesses seeking skilled professionals.

Overall, by diversifying the economic landscape and addressing the shortage of professional job opportunities, North Arlington can create a more sustainable and resilient community while harnessing the potential of locally owned small businesses to drive economic growth and prosperity.